BOND BREAKER - Brushless Fleet



Part# BB55 - BOND BREAKER - Professional Strength Truck Wash - Brushless Road Film Removal

Makes 55 Gallons Concentrate Each

Kit Contains: 40 lb Bond Breaker Base, 1 gal Bond Breaker, 6 lb Bond Breaker Activator

Directions: Read SDS, Mix All Contents with 55 Gallon Drum Water, Use with your favorite DownStream Injector, Keep Out of Reach of Children! 


Tired of having to brush every commercial vehicle that you wash?  

As the vehicle travels down the highway the air rushing over the surface produces a condition known to professional truck washers as ‘electromagnetic bonding.’

Bond Breaker is an industrial blend of non-ionic and anionic surfactants, specialty builders and a unique blend of additives that returns the surface to a neutral state and will completely eliminate the need to ever brush again.

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