MR. MUSCLE - Degreaser



Part# MM55 - MR. MUSCLE - Professional Strength Truck Wash - DeGreaser

Makes 55 Gallons Concentrate Each

Kit Contains: 40 lb Mr. Muscle Base, 1 gal Mr. Muscle Activator

Directions: Read SDS, Mix All Contents with 55 Gallon Drum Water, Use with your favorite DownStream Injector, Keep Out of Reach of Children! 


Mr. Muscle is a professional strength alkaline truck wash that also serves as a premium engine, floor and fifth-wheel degreaser. The heavy solvent base also quickly attacks and dissolves exhaust stack carbon that get on the sides of ‘over the road’ trailer bodies.

Special rinse agents and film-fighting activators make both the detergent and pollutant ‘sheet’ off the surface to shorten rinsing time.

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