NEVER DULL - Polished Tanks



Part# ND55 - NEVER DULL - Fine Finish Citrus Concentrate for Polished Trucks

Makes 55 Gallon Concentrate Each

Kit Contains: 40 lb Never Dull Base, 1gal Never Dull Solvent

Directions: Read SDS, Mix All Contents with 55 Gallon Drum Water, Use with your favorite Down-Stream Injector, Keep Out of Reach of Children! 


Never Dull is a ‘special purpose’ citrus solvent base detergent that has been developed for ‘high end’ vehicle cleaning. The Never Dull formula incorporates extract of citrus, a totally natural cleaning ingredient that also provides this product’s orange scent. It is an excellent Truck Wash/Degreaser that is gentle enough for the most expensive finishes. It can also be useful for a variety of other cleaning applications. Any time you are unsure of suitability do a test on a small inconspicuous area. This product can be used as a single step cleaner or step #2 in a two step cleaning process which includes an acid product as step #1.

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